[UPDATE] MR.MR Ist Concert in Malaysia Poster

Date: August 3, 2014 (Sunday)
Place: Bentley Music Auditorium
Ticket: VIP RM380 | Zone 1 RM220 | Zone 3 RM120
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MR.MR 1st Concert in Malaysia

For those who want to purchase MR,MR Ticket. Please fill the form below and email to us at malaysiamrmr@gmail.com

Phone Number:
IC Number
Ticket Zone: VIP (280) | Zone 1 (RM220) | Zone 2 (RM120)
Collecting Method:
1. During The Event
2. Send directly to your house
Home Address:


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MR.MR 1st Concert in Malaysia

Hello everyone~

We are here to announce that MR.MR will come to Malaysia this upcoming August,

Mark your calendar MISO. They will come to Malaysia on August 3rd, 2014.

I know many people are excited especially Malaysian Miso. We warmly welcome 

MR.MR and also International MISO to Malaysia with open hand.

Date               : 3rd August 2014

Venue            : Bentley Music Auditorium

Time               : 5PM

Ticket Price   : VIP RM380 | Zone 1 RM220 | Zone 2 RM120

For International MISOs who wants to purchase the pre sales ticket, please email us at malaysiamrmr@gmail.com. The title should be MR.MR 1st Concert In Malaysia and how you like to have a payment.

The content should be your name, country, and how would you want to pay with. We advice you to use paypal for the payment method as transferring fee are quite expensive.

The last payment for International MISO is on 2nd of April 2014 as we need time to transfer money from paypal to local account. For local buyers. The last payment to make is on 4th April 2014

For more information regarding this event please contact us at TWITTER or FACEBOOK or email us. 

Thank You


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[140209] RYU
한국에도착해써요ㅎㅎ역시 일본분들의열기는^^ 더욱멋진공연준비해서4월에만나요ㅎㅎ 사랑합니댜 아이시떼루

{TRANS} We’ve arrived in Korea hehe As expected, the hotness of the people in Japan^^ We’ll prepare for a more wonderful performance and see you in April hehe I love you
JIN) Oppa I love you too~~~♡♡

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[140209] TEY
안 싫어합니다.. 표정은 그냥 무표정일뿐… 좋아해요.. 말하는것도 사진도.. 찍는것도 오해마세요..ㅜ ㅜ어쨌든 무사 귀국! 내맘아는 사람없는거? 誤解しないでくださいとにかく無事帰国♥ 私の心知っている?

{TRANS} It’s not because I hate it.. It’s just that the expression is expressionless.. I like it.. In words and also in pictures.. Please don’t misunderstand the way the photo is snapped..ㅜ ㅜ Anyway, we’re home safe! Does anyone not know what’s in my heart?

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[140209] DOYEON
무사히 다녀왔습니다! 공항와주신분들!그리고 많은분들 고마워요~~남은하루잘보내시고 푹쉬세요!뿅

{TRANS} We’re back safe! Those who came to the airport! Also to everyone else, thank you~~ Enjoy the rest of the day and have a good rest! Bbyong

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[140209] CHANGJAE
한국 잘 도착해서 기절했다 일어나니 저녁이네요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 숙소에서 찍은 설경 투척~!

{TRANS} I fell into a swoon when I found out we’ve arrived safe in Korea. When I woke up, it was already evening hehehehe A snow scene shot taken from our dorms~!
JIN) Wow that looks cool oppa


[140211] RYU
저교복사진이없어요ㅎㅎ이거라두ㅜㅜ 그래도저는 올렷습니댜 ㅜㅜㅜ찾고찾아서.. 

{TRANS} I dont have a picture of me in a school uniform…just this…I submited it! I’ll keep looking..

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